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Hi, I'm Mehedi!

I write code for living, it also happens to be my favorite habit.
Besides, I love to practice creativity and minimalism.

A Short Story

About My Name

My full name is Kazi Mehedi Hasan. Although, my internet name belongs to rakibtg.
Fun fact about my name is that it's a combination of popular nick names except the first name!

"Automobile Engineer" or "Software Engineer"?

Before internet happens to me, I used to read books about automobile engineering back in school. A bold person I met in a book fair once suggest me vol1 of some applied physics automobile book then I also read the vol2 and I was so determined to become an auto mobile engineer.

After two year at 2009 I had access to internet, and from then being curious about the internet I started to learn "how to make websites using notepad" from Google! A big adventure for me. R.I.P automobile engineering!

Fast forward then I started to learn PHP since 2011. I started doing projects using CMS like Drupal and Wordpress. Although, at this current age I have no idea what's going on in the CMS world.

Completed BSc in SE(Software Engineering) - 2012 to 2016 from AIUB.

Work History

Since I started early, finding a job was easy for me back then! 😌 That got me started besides my study.

  1. Cefalo (Jul 2018 - Present)

    Senior Software Engineer
  2. Rapid Web Services (Sep 2015 - Jun 2018)

    Full Stack Developer
  3. prijm (Jan 2014 - Aug 2015)

    Junior Software Engineer

My Portfolio

I will share some of my beloved and exciting open-source projects here, since sharing office work is complicated.

Theres more in my GitHub profile.

Other Links

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Say, Hi!

To contact me you can email me at:!

AW! You are still reading 😊 Have a good day!